The Old Town Community Council has now been dissolved following a significant number of resignations on 20th November 2013

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Who are we?

The Old Town Community Council is a group of Local Individuals, who live and work in the Old Town, who have been elected or selected, to represent you, and your views. We are volunteers and non-political, willing to act in the interest of the Community.

What do we do?

Our task is to ensure the amenities and facilities are maintained, and improved. We can as Community Council, act as a campaigning body, in raising awareness in specific local issues, in the historical part of Edinburgh. The Community Council ensures access to the City of Edinburgh Council, and our MSPs.

Our main objectives: planning, licensing and access.

When do we meet?

Every second Tuesday of each month except April, and August in the City Chambers 7pm. Members of the Public welcome.
Our Ward is 11